Tuesday, September 22, 2015

B is for Button

We also made the letter B with buttons last week.  Man it took a lot of buttons to fill all of the kiddos' B's!  I probably could've made the B's a little bit smaller, but they did just fine so, it's all good :)

He started right in the middle.

We used a q-tip for the glue
He liked it!  

Did you notice he hijacked all the orange buttons?!
That's his fav color. 

How 'bout one way up here?
Ok back to work down here...

I was surprised at how patient he was in completing this project.  Not once did he want to be stop.  He really enjoys the projects we do!

Lil' cutie :)

Getting more glue...
Right here looks good...

Almost done!

He's so silly!
Cheese :)

Checking his work out.

I'm gonna need to pick up more buttons after this project!  I can't wait to show you what we've been doing this week with the letter C...fun stuff!

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