Thursday, September 24, 2015

Caterpillar Egg Carton

The kids made some super cute caterpillars out of egg cartons the other day.  As I was getting the paint out Ash says, 'Oh are we painting with our handprints Mom?!'  I love how excited he gets for our projects :)  No handprints today buddy, but another day for sure!  
To prep for this project, I cut some cardboard egg cartons lengthwise.  

Loading his paintbrush up...
Not loving his grasp,
we'll fix that in a sec...

Harley Jo :)

I love her focused face.

I like that grasp much better :)
A little over here... 

More paint...

He made sure to not miss a spot!
Gotta get the end...

Painting some green...
Looking good!

Time to add some eyeballs...

Right here...yes!
He put them right on top of
each other lol! 

He thought that was pretty funny!

Haha!  Love it!!
Oh we added some antenna too.  I cut a pipe cleaner of their choice in half, poked two small holes in the top and let them push the antenna through the holes.  Then I twisted them underneath so they would stay. 

Adding a mouth..

And some ears...totally his idea to add these features!

Harley's cute caterpillar face :)

My munchkins' caterpillars!
(Arian's, Bridget's, Harley's and Ash's) 

This was a fun project to do as part of our letter C week.  We're making cookies today because ya know C is for cookies :)  Hope you're having a nice day!

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