Monday, September 21, 2015

Bubbles & Bubble Wrap

Last week was all about the letter B.  Here are a few fun activities we did using bubbles and bubble wrap.  Ash enjoyed them especially the bubbles!  

Dipping his hand in the yellow paint

Right here looks good!

And over here...

I love the lean on the arm pose :)
And a little way up here!

Can I touch it?!

Look Mom!!
I'm going in!

He thought it was pretty cool :)

He's got his arms in now!
They're covered :)

I love bubbles!!

He played in them for a long time.  And after he was done with this container full, he pulled a chair up to the kitchen sink and played in the huge pile in there for even longer!  His fingers were raisins when he was done :)

The best the end of the week Ash knew that B says 'b' for Bubble!  Score!!  That's what it's all about...making learning fun :)

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