Thursday, September 17, 2015

Triangle Painting

I ordered some foam shapes the other day so, I thought hey let's do a project with them!  It was very simple, but provided with many opportunities to chat about triangles, how many sides they have, what shapes they make when you put them together...that kind of stuff.  He had a huge pile of triangles to choose from and at the end I brought out the paint and let him get his creativity on!

I love how focused he gets when he glues...

He did such a great job staying near the edges.  Even when I encouraged him to put a little in the middle...he didn't want to.

Sticking it down.

He chose to stand up :)
Painting his triangles first.

And then he let his creativity flow!

He was so into it...
A little white right here...yes!

Smile Ash!!

And of course a silly face :)

It was fun to watch him paint whatever his little heart desired.  I wish I could've heard all the thoughts that were going on in his head as he was painting.  He was so into it!  A simple, yet fun art project :)

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