Thursday, September 24, 2015

Life Cycle of a Caterpillar

Since we're talking about caterpillars, I thought it'd be fun to learn about their life cycle and make this simple project.  All you need is a paper plate, some different shaped noodles, beans, green paper and glue...that's it!  We shook things up and did this in a circle on the floor.  The kids thought that was pretty cool!  

Chayce snuck in and wanted to make a life cycle too :)

Ash is counting his eggs (beans).
You can use real leaves, but I decided to cut some out of green paper.  

If you have older kids they can get creative and add more details to each section as well.  My little guys were happy campers just gluing their eggs, caterpillars, chrysalises and butterflies on their plates :)

Side note...I planned to use a large shell for the chrysalis, but I used it for Chayce's birthday dinner of mac-n-cheese instead...oops!  So, a small shell had to take its place.  

I plan to order some caterpillars next spring so, we can watch them turn into butterflies.  We've done that once before and it's really cool to watch.  I know they will love it!  

Chayce got this fun nerf gun, it's actually a bow, for his birthday and Ash loves it.  He's so cute to watch!  He enjoys aiming for the balloons we have hung up around the house.  

Which balloon should I shoot Mom?
The green one.
I love how close he got...too funny!  

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