Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Chayce's 7th birthday!

My sweet lil' Chaycers turned 7 years old!  Seriously, where does the time go?!  I am beyond grateful that I get to spend all my days with my kiddos.  And even then I feel like it's not enough...I really need a pause button...I wish right?!

I still remember when this cutie was in my belly.  He is my super snuggler.  Loves to wrap his legs around mine and get oh so cozy...I heart it like crazy!  He has a huge heart and is such a giver...just wait till you hear the cake story in a bit.  And out of the 3 boys he is the most shy, but once you get to know him watch out!  He will have you giggling like crazy in no time :)  

Present time!

This one is from Vann...

It's a cool puzzle toy that all 3 boys are loving.  

A bug dig!
I think he likes it :)

And Vann's other present for him...some guy from a Wii game he really likes.  How cute are they?!  

A nerf bow

Reading his card from Grandma
A Lego set and walkie talkies!

So the cake.  I told him he could have any cake he wanted.  Either I could make it or we could buy it...didn't matter.  He chose an ice cream cake...yum!  The weekend before his birthday we went to Baskin Robbins and he picked out everything...the cake and ice cream flavors, the design, the shape, all of it.  Well as he's choosing the design I was a little surprised by the fancy chocolate on it.  So I flipped to the colorful, more fun looking cakes and he said no Mom I want this one....the chocolate one.  Okay buddy, it's your cake you can get whatever you want!  Side note, he's not really a huge chocolate lover, but I am and this cake looks exactly like something I would pick out.  

We pick the cake up the night before his birthday and he loves it!  We thought morning snack time would be the perfect time to sing Happy Birthday and try this yummy looking cake.  Well as we're eating it Chayce looks at me and says, 'Mom do you like the cake?'  Me, 'I do! This chocolate fudge part is super yummy!'  Then it hits me...'Chayce did you pick this cake out for me??'  Him, 'Yes.  I got the chocolate one because I know you love it.'  Me...no words just my eyes filling up with tears.  Sweetest little boy ever...for reals. 

Singing Happy Birthday to him!

Love this pic :)

Make a wish!

Kinda crazy...so the lady asked me if I wanted writing on the cake.  I said yeah, 'Happy Birthday Chayce would be perfect!'  Would you believe they wrote it in this bright green frosting that just happens to be Chayce's favorite color?!  I mean it does not go with the design of the cake at all, but it sure fits the birthday boy.  It's like they knew he picked the cake out for me and they wanted to still make it his.  So cool right?!

The boys spent the rest of the day playing.  Chayce asked if we could skip school and I said you betcha! 

A little Wii action...

Smile boys!

He loves his new nerf bow.

So stinkin' cute!

Vann's turn...

My heart cannot handle all of this cuteness...love love these boys!

And this little munchkin...love him too!  

Can't forget the big one!  Even he enjoyed shooting the bow lol.

Trying to hit the letters on the wall. 

I decided to not buy the boys many presents this year.  Usually I go a little over board.  But this year I tried something new.  Just a few small things and one bigger memory.  Something we could do as a family, something different, something to create a fun memory.  For Chayce's special surprise I got us tickets to see Blue Man Group.  The boys love music...watching, listening and making it.  So I thought this would be a cool thing for them to experience.  Plus we never go downtown so, that's kind of a fun treat too.  

Me and my loves.  We were getting ready to leave for the show.  They had no idea where we were going.  Chayce wanted it to be a total surprise!  

Silly faces!

Before the show we snapped a bunch of pics.
Chaycers, Ash and I :)

The birthday boy!  The lighting was not camera friendly lol.  

Vann and I :)

Little Ash had to wear headphones the whole time
since he's so young. 

He was cracking up because
he was squishing Ash by
flipping the seat bottom
up and down lol.  
Checking stuff out.
There was stuff hanging
from the ceilings, the lights
kept changing colors...

Vann's shirt is yellow...
Now it's orange...

More giggles from seat squishing...

We had a fun time and they all loved it!!  

Happy Birthday my sweet Chaycers!  You are loved more than you'll ever know :)

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