Monday, September 28, 2015

Cotton Ball C's

We used cotton balls to make letter C's last week.  A simple project that kept little Ash busy for a bit.  I so love how he stays focused the entire time we do activities like this.  He really gets into each one!  
Dipping his cotton ball in glue.

Harley hard at work...

Back to the big C...
More glus...

And he's done!  Great job buddy!

We hit the library that night to pick up a book about fossils.  We have one somewhere, but it's missing at the moment.  It'll turn up the day after we finish learning about fossils...I mean that's what always happens right?!  

I love our library and the boys love going there.  We were happily surprised to walk in and see it was family Lego night!  Usually they enjoy looking for new books or movies, but not this night.  This night they were all about Legos.  And our quick trip to the library turned into over an hour of play.  It was great!

They're in heaven!

Watching Vann build something cool.  

Almost done...

He made the 'Ultimate Slide'...they had a few marbles on the table as well so he was able to test his slide out and it worked!  

What's cool is that after the kids build something they have a shelf to set them on until the next Lego event.  So when we went to the library a few days later the boys made sure to check out Vann's creation again!  And Chaycers still has an art project up on the wall from a class he went to at the beginning of the month.  He shows it to me every time we go to the library :) 

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