Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dot Markers

We ordered some new fun markers...woot!  And all the kiddos were digging them let me tell you!  I foresee a lot of dots being made this year.  Ash loved shaking the bottles up before each use.  He also liked taking the lids off and putting them back on...it's the little stuff ya know :)

The goods...you can click here to check them out on Amazon.

I wrote their name and drew triangles on a large piece of white paper for them to put their dots on.  

He had his hand on his head almost the whole time...so cute!

Harley's switching from burgundy to green.

Oooh my fav...teal. 
He's two-handing this one.

A little green action...

There's a smile!!  He's so proud of his work!  

Nice job Harley Jo!

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