Friday, October 2, 2015

Watercolor Leaves

More fall art action over here today!  The older kiddos drew and painted some very pretty fall leaves. They used oil pastels, watercolors and salt...yes salt!  It did something super cool to their paintings.  We followed a lesson from my fav, Deep Space Sparkle...I just love her blog!  

Chaycers drawing his leaves.
Adding some color to a few.

Vann's leaves...
He did quite a few.

And Harley's leaves...
The one she drew the most
of was her fav!

Paint time!  If you tilt the paper the watercolors will flow down, but not pass over the oil pastels...super cool.

Hmm where to paint next?

Yellow for the little leaf.
Getting the red to flow down.

Finishing the red leaf up.

Chayce made his big leaf a pretty red.

Time to paint the background.  First they painted the whole background with just Vann is doing.  

Then they added the paint.
And blended it a bit.

Adding some green...
Almost done!

Chayce's them!

Vann's pretty!

And Harley's leaves...beautiful! 

After they finished painting the background they sprinkled some salt all over the paper.  You can tell in their final pictures what that made it look textured!  Can you see the little whiteish dots?  I tell ya I need to learn my way around a camera so you can really see how vibrant these leaves really are...but you get the idea.  It was a simple and fun project where they could let a little creativity out...this I love the most!   

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