Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fall Handprint Tree

One of my favorite things about fall is watching the leaves change colors.  The reds and oranges and yellows are so, so pretty!  Do you remember our Apple Handprint Tree we made last month?  Well it's time to change it to a Fall Handprint Tree!  The kids were excited to play in some paint :)

He started out using only one hand...

And then it was time for two hands!

Yep, the tops of his hands need paint too :)

They painted a lot of handprints!  Pages and pages of them.  Then we washed up, pulled out the paintbrushes and they painted whatever their hearts desired :)  Ash was so cute, he talked through his whole painting explaining to me what he was doing.  

First he was making a rainbow.

This part is Ninja Warrior.
All the way over here...

Making a circle.

Time for some orange.

And a little red...

And done!  Looks great Ash!!

After the handprints dried overnight, I cut them out and the kids hung them on the wall.  They made a beautiful tree and even had some leaves falling off the tree.  

One right here...
And one down here...

Harley's putting one over here.

Ta da!!  I love it!  

I love how it looks like leaves are falling off the tree.  Ash started putting them down there and I thought that was perfect!  I plan to have the kiddos paint some pumpkins this month and we'll add them to the bottom of our fall tree.  Mmm pumpkin.  I also have plans for some yummy pumpkin recipes.  I'll be sure to share the ones we love!

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