Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Planetarium fun & Christmas lights

A few of my daycare families didn't need me on Christmas Eve so, I thought, 'Hey, let's go to the Planetarium!'  I knew the boys and Harley would love it since we've been learning about the solar system in school.  Shoot I was excited to do a little space exploration!

Getting ready to watch a quick movie in one of those super cool theaters where the screen goes all the way up and around you.  
They're ready!

Exploring Mars

Driving rovers

I heart these crazy kids!  

This was a big rover.
It moved super slow,
but they liked driving it.

The Planetarium is right on Lake Michigan.  So pretty!  I plan to go again on a nicer day so we can eat lunch by the lake. 

He's ready to blast off!

Trying to take a selfie before our next space show.  I may or may not have napped a little during this one.  Not because it was boring...the kids loved it and thought it was funny...but give me a dark room and a comfy seat and well ya know, my eyeballs thought it was nigh night time.  So funny though, Vann totally called me out lol.  

Chaycers started the silliness with some muscle moves :)

Ash added his own goofiness lol. 

And Harley posed super cute!

It was a really fun time and I look forward to going again!

When we got home I had a fun package waiting for new yoga mat!!  I've been looking for the perfect mat for months.  Thanks Rana for my Christmas present...I love it!

That night we piled back in the car and went to see some cool Christmas lights.  It's one house with over 1 million lights...wowsa!  And it's all set to music...the boys loooved it!!   

We had to wait in line for about 20 minutes, but then we enjoyed the beautiful lights for an hour from our warm and cozy car.  

 My favorite was when the boys sang along with the music.  We all really enjoyed it and I hope to take them again next year :)

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