Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Cardinal Artwork

When I saw this art project on Facebook last week I knew we had to do it!  I love cardinals and think they are so beautiful.  We have a cardinal that comes to visit us often during the winter.  We love when he lands on our snow covered bushes in the backyard.  His bright red color really pops on the white snow.  This project reminded me of that except instead of him sitting on snowy trees, he's in a dark winter forest.  Which I think is so very cool. 

Adding the tape for
their black trees.
Drawing their brown trees.

Using the long side of white chalk to
create a snowy background.

Then they used a Kleenex to
lightly wipe the chalk off.

Pulling the tape off.

Lightly wiping with a Kleenex again.

Drawing his bare bush on the bottom of the paper.

Drawing his cardinal.  I heart his 
plump lil cardinal oh so much!

Their cardinals turned
out so great!
Coloring the cardinal.

Cutting his cardinal out.
Then they glued them on their branches.

So cool right?!
Top left is Chayce, top right is Harley, bottom is Vann.  

And I just realized we missed a step!  I think we'll go back and do it today as it will really make the black trees stand out a little more.  We were supposed to outline the black trees with a black marker.  Either way I think they turned out fabulous!  I love each of their cardinals.  

Okay here ya go...our for real finished art projects!  

Tracing his trees in black.

I like how the black makes the trees pop.  It doesn't look like Chaycers traced his, but he did.  He just didn't press super hard.  And Harley took hers home already so, she'll just have to trace her trees a lil later.  Great job guys!!  

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