Monday, January 25, 2016

Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas!  I know, I know, it's January lol.  But I wanted to share our Christmas fun with you.  We spent the morning opening presents from Santa, playing with the boys' new goodies and then getting ready to go to Casey's house for more family fun.  It was lovely!

Vann got a mini Cubebot in his stocking.
This kid loves anything puzzle related.

Orange Tic Tacs...yes!!

This was the only
thing he asked for...
Super Mario Maker...
and he loves it! little coding robots.

magic puzzle game...right up his alley.  

Lil sweetie :)
This is a maze bank...
super cool!

Legos are always a big hit with the boys!

You can't beat new crayons.

And this is what he was waiting for...Halo 4!
His Christmas is made.

Bugs + boys = fun!

This lil' dude
loves Blaze.  
Now he's got Blaze
plus a few friends :)

He asked for a Batman Lego set and
had fun putting it together with Chaycers. 

We love I Spy books.

Miss Molly got a new toy too!  She loves it :)

And now for the big joint present!  You may think I'm a little cray cray and that's ok...I am lol.  All three boys love, like super love, the drums.  They are constantly creating their own homemade drum sets with pots and pans and pillows and chopsticks and pencils, etc.  And Chaycers has asked for a drum set for about 3 years now.  

I have always immediately dismissed getting one because who wants to listen to that  Not me!  But then I started thinking, what if this is what they're supposed to do?  What if their destiny is to be in a band?  It's far fetched, but what if??  I could not live with myself if I crushed that dream.  And besides knowing how to play musical instruments is super cool.  So I began researching quiet drum sets.  Funny right...a 'quiet' drum set?  Well wouldn't ya know they make electronic drums! 

After reading a bazillion reviews I decided on this Alesis drum set.  I also researched online drum lessons and they've learned a lot since starting those this month.  I will have to tape them playing and show you.  It's pretty sweet.  I'm telling you, playing the drums well is a lot harder than it looks.  It's so much more than just the banging you think it is.  I'm so happy we got this for's the best 'out there' idea ever!  And it made three little boys very happy on Christmas morning :)

In heaven!
He loves them.  

Rockin' out.

This was the only pic I took at Casey's house.  It was a fun time!

More drumming action the next day.  And pretty much everyday since Christmas lol.  

I love this...shirt unbuttoned, in his own little drumming world.  

I hope your Christmas was full of family fun and lots of love!  Okay back to January of 2016...

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