Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hundertwasser Painting

The boys were excited to do a video art lesson from our fav Deep Space Sparkle two Fridays ago.  They love Patty and her videos!  This lesson was about Hundertwasser and how he used nature as inspiration for art.  He didn't like straight lines and preferred organic shapes and spirals.  He said, "In nature there are no straight lines drawn with a ruler."

First they drew their pictures with a black oil pastel.  

Lots of curvy lines.

And imperfect concentric circles.

They were so creative I love it!

Time to paint!  

They used one color per 'shape' blending for this project.

I love all the bright colors!

These two...I heart 'em.

Harley Jo's beautiful painting!

Chayce's colorful creation!

Vann's bright piece of artwork!

Vann has been super into origami lately.  He folds and folds and folds.  I just love it!  Here's one of his creations...the ultimate flapping bird.  Super cool! 

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