Sunday, February 7, 2016

Swim Party!

The boys had a blast at Bridget's birthday party yesterday.  She turned 3...yay!  It was at Splash Central, the indoor pool just up the street from us.  Ash, who hasn't showed any interest in swimming at all, was a little fish!  No fear whatsoever.  He had this cute lil' swagger as he walked around in shoulder deep water, it was adorable.  And he said he's ready for swim!  So I'll be signing him up sometime this week for the next session.  And I just signed both older boys up for spring soccer.  No baseball this year, they're both wanting to run around on the soccer field so that's what we're doing!  Anywho...check out this super short blip of Ash going down the fish slide at the pool.  He loved it!  And went on it over and over and over again...

That tongue lol. 

He was a happy happy camper.
Sweet lil' thing :)

Ash is throwing
'bombs' on Chaycers.
It's one of their favorite
games to play.  Total boys!

Vann spent most of his time on the diving board,
but did stop here for a quick shower a few times :)

Speaking of's a little diving board action for ya...

And more origami for ya too...

Pegasus...I love this one!
The folds have to be so precise, it's crazy.

Elephant friends...this was a request from a little girl.
I think they turned out fabulous!

A few creations he folded this past week.  

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