Friday, February 19, 2016

School work, origami and more...

It's gorgeous outside today!  The boys are digging the open windows and fresh air.  I think I'm gonna need some detangling spray for Ash's hair because it's so windy out.  You should've seen it blowing around outside!  I love his crazy head of hair. 

It's hard to see, but Vann has such nice handwriting,
especially his cursive.  He tries so hard I love it. 

And my Chaycers is really blossoming in math.
Here he is doing a division problem...82614 divided by 3.
Yes he really did that!  I love watching him work.

We got new school books yesterday, yay!  Vann needed the next
level in spelling and I also wanted to try these Mini Mysteries
for some fun reading comprehension.  

Check it out...they were both doing the
same thing with their pencils.

Cute huh?!

This little cutie loved our Valentine's Day activity of sorting and
graphing and counting candy hearts.  He was thrilled that his fav color orange had the 'mostest'.  

Okay so Vann loves origami right?  Well Chaycers is getting into it a bit too!  My fav is when Vann teaches him how to fold something.  Listening to them work together is the best.  

Chayce made this tuxedo...isn't it the cutest thing ever?!

A bunch of cool pop up origami by Vann.
I love the peacock, he's my fav.

A few more of Vann's creations.  The yellow flower is all his
own...he made it up himself.  Love when he does that!

Oh this one is cool too.  The pic of the left is without light,
the one on the right is with the light shining through.

An origami lesson in action...

Their completed creations!  It's a pop up heart.

I mean for reals, look at these music notes.
One piece of paper guys, he makes all of his creations
with just one piece of square paper.  Amazing!

We were playing
Labyrinth last night...
And Ash wanted to
do silly faces lol. 

I haven't been good about making the time to read this year.  But I want to work it back in because I love it so much.  Nothing beats losing yourself in a good book!  I plan to hit the library this weekend for a few great reads...can't wait. 

I reread one of my most fav books this week.
Have you read it?  

Okie doke, I hope you have the most lovely day!  

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