Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sea Turtles

I let the boys pick out our art project last Friday.  Chaycers was begging to do these Sea Turtles!  So that's what we did.  And they turned out beautiful!  

First they drew their turtles with pencil.  

Then they traced them
with a black oil pastel.
Speaking of black oil pastels,
I need to get more.

Adding some seaweed.
And little fish.

Time to paint!
Getting a little red.

Painting his little fish.
And his turtle's head

Vann had to leave on Friday to go to his book club at
the library so, he finished painting his yesterday.
Harley's fabulous sea turtle!

Chayce's smiley guy!

Vann's colorful turtle!

The boys love helping me cook or bake or do anything in the kitchen.  And Chris and I both think it's awesome!  I'll be honest, they make me nervous chopping up veggies or even when Vann was flipping his french toast.  I so don't want them to get hurt, I mean what mom does.  But they're eager to learn so, we're all about it!  

We made blueberry banana bread yesterday.  And it was a big hit!
They've almost eaten the whole loaf. 

Making french toast a few mornings ago.  Not a piece left, they
gobbled them all up!  With a bunch of fruit too :)

I cannot get enough of this guy's crazy head of hair.  
Part of me wants to cut it right now and part of me
never wants to cut it ever.  

A little Ash funny yesterday as he's on the potty...
Ash - Mom I like your potty.
Me - Oh you do?!
Ash - Yep.  And I like our potty too. 
Ash - Actually I like all the potties.  

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