Monday, March 7, 2016

New Recipes

You may have noticed I added a few recipes today.  I'm in the process of closing down my fitness blog as I don't ever post over there.  And I didn't want to lose all my fav recipes that we love and use often so, I'm moving them over here!  Plus I thought you may enjoy them :)  I have plans to update this blog a bit soon...add some tabs and organize things a little so certain posts are easier to find.  So be on the look out for fun new changes!  And more recipes...I've got a few more yummy ones to add :)

Ash is all about puzzles lately.  And he wants to do the same ones over and over again.  I love it!  He knows the drill...first he separates them and puts all the side pieces together, then he puts the insides pieces in place.  He does all this with very little help from me.  In fact, I do my best 'not' to help him even when he asks for it.  I just encourage and cheer him on and before he knows it he's got 'er done! 

Hmm, where does this one go?
Let's try over here.

Working on the trees.

Let me get a closer look lol. 
Oh I found his teeth!

He's always so proud of himself :)

I feel like he's grown so much in the past few months.  He's eager to learn and catches onto things quickly and his sentences...geez sometimes he floors me and I can't believe he's only 3.  I know he'll always be my baby, but he could really slow things down just a bit lol.  I'm soaking up every minute that's for sure...I do not want to miss a thing!

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