Saturday, April 2, 2016

All about Ash

Oh my sweet little Ash.  He's so sweet, my nickname for him is Sweets :) For a long time, when I would say, 'Are you my Sweets?'  He would say, 'No, I'm Ash!'  But now he knows he's my Sweets and he likes it.  Anyhow, here are a bunch of pics of Ash from the past month or so...enjoy!

He fell asleep like this once day during his nap.
Talk about the perfect book to nap under!

Painting his letter P.  I still need to take a picture of his letter wall.  I will...soon.  I promise!

Check out my new bike!
It even holds pine cones :)

I think he likes it.

Practicing hammering nails with Dad.
He always has to be just like the big boys. 

Swinging at the neighbors
Watch out Chaycers!

He's such a goofball.  And so silly.  I love it!

Dad drew a face on his belly lol. 

While the big boys went to a birthday party, Ash and I went bowling!  He was so cute and watched his ball roll slowly down every single time.  

We had a lot of fun!  His bowling name was Sweets.
And then he crashed hard when we got home.

His curls.  I can't get enough of them!

We made a game out of the rocks he was playing with.  

Enjoying the weather a few weekends ago
with a walk to the park.  
His Easter goodies :)  There was a dinosaur theme.

Putting the money he found inside eggs in his piggy bank.

He loooves to cut!  And this book makes it fun.  

And this last week he painted the letter S.  He looks forward to this every week!  And asks almost every night as we're snuggling before bed, 'What letter are we learning about tomorrow?'  I love that he loves to learn :)

Phew that was a lot of pictures huh?!  This is why I need to stay caught up on my blogging.  I'm gonna try, really hard.  Because I love being able to look back at pictures and read about what was happening in our lives.  It's like my online scrapbook that I get to share with you :)  Okie doke, I hope you are having a lovely day!

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