Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cantigny Park

I took the kids on a field trip last Friday to Cantigny Park.  Holy cow is that place gorgeous!  Plus there are two cool museums that I could spend forever in.  And you can't forget the life-sized tanks...the kids all looooved them!  

Watching an 8 minute video about the park.  

They climbed on as many as they could!  

Ash is checking out a mini waterfall.

He's like hmmm what's over there?

Lemme get a better look...

More tanks...there were like 12, maybe 15 of them...I didn't count, but there were a lot!

My Sweets :)

The First Division Museum was my fav.  It had a little bit about each war...WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Desert Storm.  There were life-sized people and short videos and all kinds of cool stuff.  I could've spent all day reading every piece of info in that museum.  And I plan to go back and do just that very soon!  It's like candy for my history loving self.  

And the flowers...wow!
Every where you turned there
were more beautiful colors.

My pics do not do them justice.  
So so very pretty!

My Vannipants and I :)

Chaycers joined in the selfie fun!

Silliness :)

It was the perfect day.  We explored the gardens, learned a little about our history, picnicked under a tree, soaked in all the beauty around us...it was wonderful!  When we got home I was looking at all the programs and things Cantigny has to offer and there are a lot!  I hope to get the kids involved in a few fun things.  Or maybe that's just my good excuse to get myself back there and into that museum lol.  Oh and we didn't get to check out the other museum because there was a wedding right in front of it.  So next time we'll do that for sure!

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