Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hangman & Hearts

Letter H is in the books!  We played Hangman, an oldie but goodie that the boys love.  Practiced our handwriting.  Chaycers is printing, Vann is working on his cursive and little Ash is doing mostly capital letters.  We learned about horses.  Did you know that a female foal is called a filly?  I'm not sure how, but I didn't know that!  We made homemade salsa.  Ash helped me cut some cilantro from our garden.  Fresh herbs are my fav.  We chatted about our hearts in our bodies.  We felt them beating and talked a little about how they work.  Then I showed them the easy way to cut a heart out of paper.  Ash was amazed!

Chaycers and I playing
We have this cool
Hangman game

It's great for car rides too.

He was so cute cutting out his hearts.

He folded the paper in half.
I drew the line for him and
then he cut it out.

Chaycers got in on the action too.

I love when he concentrates.

They wanted to glue them
on another piece of paper.
He loved his hearts!


Look Mom!

Right here is perfect.

We hit the pool after work again.  I packed up a quick dinner (ham and cheese tortilla roll ups, blueberries, peaches and baby tomatoes...easy peasy) and off we went!  I'm in love with our pool pass.  It will get a ton of use this summer for sure!  

The boys playing catch.

Ash would throw the ball...

And the older two would try to get it first.

These two also rode on all the slides, went around the lazy river, played with a few friends they knew.  Lots of fun!

My Sweets and I...I heart that cute face :)
He was all about me throwing the diving sticks and him retrieving them.  We did this over and over again!

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