Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Letter B continued...

It was so gorgeous out yesterday.  Boy do I love summer!  We spent as much of the day outside as possible.  But when we were inside we made sure to have some fun with the letter B.  Bingo...they love this game.  Bar graph with Legos.  Ball bouncing tic tac toe.  And name butterflies.  It was a great day!

Cheese!!  Love these munchkins.  

My Bingo spinner :)

I gave them each a cupful of Legos.
Here they are separating them into colors. 

Then they graphed them.

Double checking his work.

Chaycers drawing his bar graph.

This game lasted a long time...they loved it!

Two in one cup...yes!

After tic tac toe, they tried filling up the cups
with as many balls as possible simultaneously.  

I loved this project when I was little.  And they loved it too!
First you fold a piece of paper in half.
Then I wrote their names in pencil on the
folded line in cursive. Vann writes very well in
cursive, but not this large so he asked
me to write his name too :)

Then they traced their names with glitter glue and
folded the paper in half squishing it together. 

When you open it up you have a pretty butterfly!  

These two wanted to do their last names too.  

And little Ash did his name when he woke up from his nap.
I tried to make the names as loopy and flowy as possible :)

We finished our day off watching Chaycers play soccer.  He is seriously adorable when he plays.  He runs most of the time, but also has this skippity hop thing he does that make us giggle every time he does it.  I love it!

After soccer I hit the store to grab the goods for our meals I planned this week.  Tonight is Chinese...Vann cannot wait!  He looooves Chinese food.  Let's hope I can pull it off lol.  Have the best day!

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