Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Letter C

Today was a game day!  We played Checkers, Connect 4 and Code Master.  We learned about cheetahs.  The little kids colored which is pretty much an every day activity, but they noticed it started with C so up on the chalkboard it went.  They also counted cars and cut paper...like all those C's we're sneaking in there?!  The big kids did cubing with their neighbor friends...aka Rubik's cubes...they asked if they could do that because it starts with C lol.  And we made chocolate chip cookie bars...they were delicious!  I had plans to practice counting back money with coins and playing a money (coin) game, but time got away from us.  Oh oh, we made Chinese food for dinner...a yummy chow mein and orange chicken from my fav Pioneer Woman cookbook.  

These two...sweetness.

Vann was teaching him how to play.  

He told Ash the red squares were lava
so he had to stay on the black ones lol.
After a few games he pretty much knew
how to play...minus any strategy, but still.  

Now he's playing against Maddy.  

This game got a lot of action today!

He was supposed to line up 20 cars and count them.  

Making cookie bars!

Gotta taste a chocolate chip...

Just one ha!

Betty Crocker knows her way around some
chocolate chip cookie bars...yummo!!

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