Sunday, June 5, 2016

Quick Trip to Ohio

One of our really good friends, Laurie, she's actually more like family and she's just the sweetest thing ever.  Well her son, Alex, graduated from high school this weekend.  I still remember the first time I met them, Alex was 6.  Now he's 18!  Where the heck does time go?!  Sometimes I wish I could press pause.  

We loaded the car up and headed out Saturday morning for Ohio to help celebrate Alex's special day.  It's a quick drive, only 4ish hours.  The drive there seemed longer though as it rained the.whole.time.  Bright least it was during the day because I super dislike driving in the rain at night.  Does that mean I'm getting old lol??  And then we drove back to IL Sunday afternoon.  

Getting our oil changed Friday before our trip.

Ash was glued to the window the whole time!

Then we got a free car wash.
He loved watching it!

Lots of giggles.
Don't worry...he buckled
back up once the car
wash was over.

We were waiting for Vann to finish up his library lock in on Friday night.  It was dark so these selfies are pretty blurry.  But they were fun to take!  And Vann had a ton of fun doing the challenges at his library event. 

I heart his curls!
And his silly faces lol. 

The boys with Laurie.
We had a great time with her and her family!
Ash is holding a case you were wondering :)

Back to the grind tomorrow...yay!  Looking forward to more letter fun this week.  Have a great night!

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