Thursday, June 2, 2016

Letter B...

So the kids are really getting into our letter fun...this makes me happy!  Today was all about balloons and bubbles.  A good game of baseball.  Learning about bugs...butterflies, beetles, and bees.  The little kids made bracelets with beads...some fine motor action there.  And the big kids built bridges.  

Making bracelets...

All done!

Bubbles!  Seriously, all kids love bubbles. 

Ash is trying to kick the bubble lol. 

The neighbor kids came over and helped make
bubble magic happen for the littles.

And then they played baseball.  With a whiffle ball.  Although they asked multiple times for a real baseball.  But I like my windows without holes.  So I told them I'd take them to the ball field soon and they can use a real baseball there...yes!

He was patiently waiting for someone to
hit the ball so he could run to 3rd.
So he got comfy and sat down.  

And started playing with grass haha!

Time to build a Lego bridge.

First he tried his with a base...
And it worked!

Then he tried it without...
He was so surprised it held!

Chaycers is working hard on his bridge.

He was excited his didn't break!

So he tried a larger can...

Now he's trying 3 cans...

Got it, yes!

As they were journaling for the day, they thought of a few more B things they'd like to do.  So I think we're gonna continue this on Monday, yay!  Tomorrow we're taking a break from our letter fun to do a few other things.  Stay tuned for that tomorrow night.

Oh guess what?!  I signed Vann up for piano lessons!!  We're both so excited!  He is sooo into the piano and has been for awhile now.  I love listening to him play.  And I often wonder if the happiness that brings me is what my mom felt when I played.  I imagine it is.  I loved playing the piano.  Still do actually!  But I'm not as good as I was when I was 14.  So hearing Vann play for hours just because he wants to...warms my heart and is literally music to my ears.  His teacher, Dave, is in a band and all he does besides that is teach piano.  It was evident by just talking to him that he looooves what he does.  Aaah, I can't wait!  He starts next Thursday.  I will for sure let ya know how his first lesson goes!

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