Friday, June 10, 2016

Letter E & Piano Lessons

Vann started his piano lessons yesterday...yay!!  You have no idea how excited this makes me.  I love that he loves it.  And he got along with his teacher wonderfully.  Total happiness!  

When I asked the kids what they wanted to learn about for letter E, they said everything!  We chatted about earthquakes and elephants.  Did you know there are only 3 species of elephants in the world?  I did not know that.  We learned about Thomas Edison and all the things cool things he invented.  One of those being motion pictures...which led to a discussion and then creation of a mini flip book.  This is my favorite.  When things we read about or watch turn into so much more.  We also did some exercise!  And even though I had more E stuff planned, they spent the rest of the day playing with their friend, Mia, as they don't see her often.  To me fun with friends is just as important as school time.  And that's what I want this summer to be about...a good balance of all the things.  

Drawing his flip book using post its.

They took turns demonstrating an exercise or move and
then the others had to do the exact same move.

It made for lots of tumbles and laughs.


After lots of exercises they just wanted to be silly :)

Then Chaycers started doing his knee pit farts.
'Hey guys watch this!'  Hilarious!!
Like pee your pants funny.  He taught all the
kids how to do them. 'Cup your hands like this.
Tighter on this side and looser over here.
It's better when you're sweaty.  Or right out of the shower.'
We were all full blown belly laughing.  It was the best!  

We ended the day with two soccer games.  Chris and I had to split up as they over lapped.  I got to watch all of Vann's and the last 15 minutes of Chayce's.  It was a great day!  

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