Sunday, June 12, 2016

Water Squirters

How was your weekend?  Ours was really great!  It was super toasty here on Saturday...90 degrees out.  Made for a sweaty soccer game for Chaycers.  Well us too, we were sweating just sitting there.  Then the boys and I headed to the pool.  We met a few friends there and of course they all had a blast!  We'll be hitting the pool a lot this summer as we decided to get a pool pass.  The boys were thrilled about that!  

It was much cooler today...high 60's/low 70's.  The boys have been begging me to take them to the dollar store so, we did a little shopping there.  And then went to dollar theater to see The Jungle Book.  It was a cute movie!  Ash was so excited to see it.  His favorite guy was the tiger...the bad guy ha.  We love the dollar theater.  Their seats are like Lazy-boys...soooo comfy!  Beats the pants off the regular, more expensive theaters.  

After the movie we came home and the boys played with their new water squirters.  Giggles and squeals galore!  Meanwhile Chris whipped up a yummy dinner...smoked pork, taters and brussel sprouts.  It was good!  

My loves.  My littlest munchkin got a hair cut!  I almost cried after like three snips of the scissors.  Oh my goodness do I love his curls.  But it was time.  And he's still as cute as ever!

He loves these huge squirters!

Every time he filled it up he said, 'Don't get me guys!'
So they wouldn't. 

He got Chaycers in the face!

He was supposed to be on Chayce's team, but he
kept getting him anyways lol.

Aaaah!  The duck and run move.

And the squirt Vann while I hide my head move.

But he always squirted the boys when they filled up ha!

Trying to get Vann.

They had a lot of fun.

Uh oh.  Don't get me Vann!

Dude Perfect!  I just happened to catch Vann's swish on camera...yes!  Have you seen Dude Perfect before?  These guys love it.  They are always trying to Dude Perfect something.  

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