Thursday, June 30, 2016

Logic games

We did a lot of logic games for Letter L.  The kids love them and they're so good for their noggins.  Makes 'em think and I like that a lot!  We've collected quite a few over the years and oddly enough many of them start with the letter L.  We also played limbo outside which they just loved...lots of giggles!  The older two did lines of symmetry and similar exercises on Khan Academy while the little kids worked with lacing cards.  

Laser Maze...they love this one!

Castle Logix...another
fav :)
Lokulus...this one's a
toughie, but we like it!

I tried to sneak a pic of Vann doing his math...he caught me!

Magformers...not an L, but
Ash wanted to play
with them.
I challenged
him to build a

So he did!
He likes these a lot.

Shape-o-metry...again not an L, but it makes you think.  

How cute are these two?!  They did a bunch of pages of Word Ladders together.  It was adorable to hear them try to figure the answers out as a team.  

He's just as cute as can be!
That afternoon Chris golfed with a buddy.  I squeezed in an amazing hour of yoga at Bloom.  And the boys closed the pool down!  I'm so happy we all got to do a little of what we love.  Made for a great day!  

And this...I love it.

This was the next morning...he was being silly :)

The boys worked hard cleaning the car out.  We're driving to Kansas tonight and I always like to start with a clean slate.  Even though it'll be a mess again once we get on the road ha!  

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