Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Swimming fun!

We had a fun day yesterday!  Letter F...we learned about fossils and fish.  Did fractions on Khan Academy.  And a little more math with Life of Fred...they love Fred!  Chalk flowers from Deep Space Sparkle.  And the kids showed me how fast they could run...Ash's idea :)

First they drew their flowers with a dark oil pastel.

His flowers were great!

Then they colored them using chalk pastels.

He decided he only wanted one flower so he flipped his paper over and started again.  Then after like three minutes he was done ha!  He said he'll finish it later.

Smoothing it out.

They're messy, but fun!

A contrasting background color makes the flower pop!

She loves them :)

Reading time!  Every day...just a little, or maybe a lot, every single day.  Vann is reading the Conspiracy 365 series and Chaycers is reading the I Survived series.

After work I went to yoga for a little me time.  It's been two weeks since I've been and my body needed it.  Lisa is seriously the most amazing yoga teacher and just one hour with her made me feel soooo much better!  My hamstrings and shoulders are more open which means my posture is back to where it should be and gosh what a difference that makes.  I heart yoga so much!

Then I went home, scooped the boys up and we headed to the pool...yay!   I surprised them and they were so happy!  It was the perfect time to go as it wasn't very busy.  So they had tons of room to swim and play.  They made friends with a few of the kids there and got busy just being kids.  I loved watching them!  Little Ash got in for a bit too, but ended up sitting pool side by me so he could watch all the action. 

Ash is ready!

Playing catch

Monkey in the middle

Lil cutie!

My Sweets

He was in awe of the big kids doing handstands in the water.

He just stared, like how the heck, it was adorable!  

We saw a few soccer friends there.

They were so excited!

Goggles :)

It was a fun way to end the day!

I'm so glad I got a little me time and the boys got some pool time.  Splitting the night between us all worked out wonderfully!  

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