Thursday, August 25, 2016

Iowa Trip Part 2...camping!

Yep that's right...we went camping!!  Like tent camping.  For reals.  Crazy right?!  I am not that experienced with camping, but I was so excited to do it with the kids.  Plus my whole family was there...aunts, uncles, cousins, their kids.  Quality time with my was wonderful in so many ways!  I didn't count how many people were there, but I'm guessing around 20 adults and 20 kids.  A lot.  It was perfect and I enjoyed every sweaty second!

Our home for two days and one very hot night.  Ash did not just take a shower.  He was soaking wet (we all were) from sweat because it was like 95 degrees with 88% humidity.  I'm serious.  Smoking hot!  

I scored some glow sticks on clearance at Target which made for a lot of fun for the kids...and adults lol.  

So I joked before we got to the campsite about how we would all sleep in our undies.  And then it happened ha!  It was hot guys.  Thank goodness my mom was smart and packed an oscillating fan.  Not sure we would've made it without it.  It wasn't the best sleep of my life, but the kids slept like babies.  And waking up to the birds chirping and light rain was pretty amazing.  

Cutest thing ever!
He slept till almost 9am!  

Breakfast with the whole fam...awesome!  I think we went through 2 bags of oranges, 4 pounds of bacon, 48 sausage links, 3 dozen eggs, 2 loaves of bread and a bunch of yummy donuts.  It was delish!  I've been making 'camping eggs' almost every day them.  

This tractor slide was a big hit for all the littles.  

He was a dirty mess pretty much the entire time.  But that's how it's supposed to be right?!

The boys met some friends.
They got along so well.
So much so that Vann and
Bode are now pen pals!
This was the huge hill that
led us to the lake.  Going down
was a breeze.  Coming back
up was another story lol.  

Family fishing!

Belle showing the boys a fish they caught.

It was gorgeous out this day.  It rained a little in the morning and then was perfect!  

Belle helping Ash fish. 
So cute!

He caught his first fish!!  

He was so proud.  

Then she helped
Vann fish.
She is the sweetest
thing ever!

And he caught a fish too!!


Swimming fun!  Yeah I did not get in the lake.  But the kids did and loved it!

Covered in sand :)

Sitting in their hole.


I mean why not right?!

One last pic with Grandma before we headed back home. 

It was such a great time!  The boys had a blast with all of my cousin's kids.  I loved spending time with my family.  It was much needed and made my heart so so happy.  On our drive home all I could think about was how we should buy a camper.  Because I gotta tell ya...camping is fun!  

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