Thursday, September 1, 2016

Catching up...

Happy September!  Wait, summer's over?!  How the heck did that happen?  Man I love summer, but I also love me some fall.  Cool nights, cozy sweaters, yummy soups, Grey's Anatomy.  Yeah fall's good stuff.  

I thought I'd take a minute to catch up here on the blog so, here's a bit of our August in pictures.  It was a fun filled month!  

Boys finished their library reading logs so, they got to pick out a free book...yay!  

Glow sticks and smores...perfect.

I fell in love with freezer cooking a few weeks ago.  I cannot believe I've never done it before.  Best idea ever!  

Oh my gosh, so remember those boys Vann and Chayce met while camping?  Well the older one, Bode, and Vann became pen pals!  I love this so much.  They've written each other 3 letters each so far.  Vann gets so excited to check the mail when he thinks a new one is on its way.  What I love about this the most is that it happened so organically...there was no planning on my part involved.  They made it happen and I hope they continue to be pen pals for a long time. 

A walk to the park so this little cutie can swing.  

Chayce and Mia are best buds :)

Just a boy and his sticks.  Love him!

My Chaycers and I.  He's such a goof!

My Sweets

Trampoline fun!

This little monkey could swing all day long!  He learned how to pump his legs so he literally swings for hours.  

And this one fell in love with sewing!  Out of the blue he asked me to teach him.  Well I don't sew so, I bought him a book and we hit up Hobby Lobby.  I plan to do another post about all the amazing things he's created so far!

Monkey in the middle at the pool.  

So the other night Ash got a mosquito bite above his eye on his forehead.  Well the next morning the poor thing couldn't even open his eye because it had swelled up so much.  Dumb mosquitos.  The left pic is right after he woke up...the right is a few hours later.
After some googling I decided to use fresh aloe to heal it up.  It took a few hours, but it worked and he could see again!  And it took the whole day for the swelling to completely go away, but I was so happy to find a natural way to help my Sweets.  

Hope you have a wonderful first day of September!  I'll be back soon with some of our schooling adventures this week :)

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