Monday, September 26, 2016

My Chaycers turned 8!!

Yep that's right, my sweet as can be Chaycers had his 8th birthday last weekend!  I'm so lucky and grateful I get to spend every day with my loves.  Time goes so flippin' fast and I can't imagine our days any other way.  My sweet baby Chayce is 8!  And he's still my super snuggler, has the kindest heart, is smart as can be and makes us all belly laugh daily.  Love you more Chaycers!  (He tries to tell me he loves me more than I love him and I'm always like there's no possible way that could ever be true lol) 

Started the day off with opening presents...yay!

Vann made him the cutest card.

And an origami poop emoji!!  He loves that thing.

What's it gonna be??

Jelly beans!

Those yummy beans go with this gift...

It's a build your own candy maze dispenser.  So fun!

Next up Grandma's gift...

He's been asking for these Qixels.  Thanks Grandma!

This was a Tinker Crate.  I've wanted to get the boys this for forever now.  And Chayce loves to build so it was perfect!

A poop emoji blanket!  He's slept with it every night since he opened it.  

And his last gift was a nerf gun.  These things are loads of fun!

Extra bullets.

He spent the morning making Qixels, shooting his nerf gun and started building his candy maze.  Then a few friends showed up to surprise him!  They were joining us for our big surprise a little later.  He was all smiles when he saw them!

Pizza and breadsticks for lunch.  I love these kiddos!

Silly faces!!

Lighting his
Ash is making sure Dad's
doing a good job.

My Chaycers
Love this sweet thing.

Blow them out!

He wanted an ice cream cake again this year.  And he picked this out all by himself.  Mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate cake and this chocolatey yumminess on top!  

I'll post all about his fun surprise in a bit.  There are a lot, like a lot, of pictures so I thought I better split the day up into two posts.  Until then...hope you have a wonderful day!!

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