Sunday, June 12, 2011


So, after my very fun girl's night on Friday I had a super rough night with the boys.  Vann woke up at 2am after throwing up in his bed...just as I was getting ready to hop in bed.  I hoped it was just a one time deal, but it wasn't.  He was up until after 4am still throwing poor baby!  We both finally fell asleep around 4:30.  

Then, an hour and a half later my little Chayce was up crying because he had a poop explosion in his room.  Long story short, his little body can't process milk and remember a couple of days ago when we made that homemade ice cream...well even though he only ate maybe 2 Tbsp of that ice cream, it really messed with his belly.  So, he's been having some crazy poops since then.  

After giving Chayce a bath I took him back to my bed to snuggle.  I was hoping maybe he would fall back asleep, but no such luck.  I dozed off for probably a half hour while he watched cartoons and before I knew it Vann was up too.  

Oh, and did I forget to mention that Chris left for work at 6:30??  So, let's just say I was one tired momma!  The boys and I had a pretty lazy morning.  We did a lot of snuggling and watched a lot of cartoons.  Aside from them being sick...I really enjoyed all the snuggles I got :)  

Thankfully, Vann didn't get sick again and he's back to his normal self today.  And Chayce isn't back to normal just yet, but his poops are becoming more normal...hopefully in the next day or too he'll be all better.  And then back to no more milk for him...not even a tiny amount!

Speaking of no milk...I'm thinking of buying a new cookbook.  I really need some lactose free recipes (right now I just substitute, for instance soy milk for regular milk, but it'd be nice to have some real recipes)...Amazon here I come :)  Have I told you of my obsession with Amazon...well I'm obsessed!  And if you're a mom and you haven't signed up for Amazon Mom then you should.  I love it because you get three free months of Amazon Prime which gives you free shipping on tons of items and every time you spend $25 in the baby dept (which includes not just baby items...the Nintendo DS games I bought for the boys were included) your membership gets extended by one month.  You can earn up to a year of free's great!  The Amazon Prime free two day shipping rocks...sometimes I get things the very next's crazy fast!  

Ok, well I need to go feed the little monkeys.  We're having left over chicken noodle soup that Chris and I made yesterday...homemade noodles (Chris and Vann made them together) and everything...yum!  Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Glad to hear your boys are feeling better! Sick is never fun. I'll have to check out that Amazon site....I love Amazon :)


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