Sunday, November 13, 2011

What a Beautiful Sunday...

It's so nice out today!  Just shy of 70 degrees...sun is out...wind is blowing (maybe a little too much, but hey, I'm not complaining)...a nice fall day.  I did some running around this afternoon while the little one was napping.  I've so got the itch to get some Christmas shopping done.  But I told myself I need to get my list together first or otherwise I'll just buy stuff for no reason.  Yeah, I know I told you I was gonna finish my list last didn't happen.  This week...this week it has to get done.  

We took the kids bowling on Friday with Paige and her family.  It was a lot of fun!  The best part was that they had a Ms. Pac-Man machine.  To say I love Ms. Pac-Man is an understatement.  We had a table machine growing up and my Dad and I would play all..the..time.  Mom would get so mad at us if she heard the game start up before dinner because it took us hours to finish one joke.  We played for points.  We used to keep all of our scores in a little book...I wonder if my Dad still has that book.  I'd love to know what my high score is.  Every time I see a Ms. Pac-Man machine I have to play...if time permits that is.  Once I put that quarter in, I'm in heaven.  My goal is to beat the current high score.  The high score on the bowling alley's machine was 205,000.  My final score was 241, it!  And I was even down one guy cuz I started the game letting Chayce play and he got killed right away.  Thankfully he lost interest so, I was able to take over.  Oh, how I love that game!  

So, back to's some pics of the fun...

Vann got excited every time!
That's a heavy ball!
The wind up...
Watching to see how many pins he knocks down...
Well, he got excited every time except for this time...he's cute when he's upset :)
Chaycers was not into it at first...relaxing on the couch.  The bowling alley we went to was pretty nice!
Chayce and I
Chayce getting ready to bowl
Carrying his ball up to the lane...
I had to help him toss it down there...he's pouting in case you were wondering why his head is down...
For some reason he got really sad after he bowled...not sure why.  Part of it was probably because he hadn't eaten dinner yet...they took f.o.r.e.v.e.r to bring us our food.   I love how Logan is all ready to bowl with his ball!
Vann watching his ball...
Look Mom!  How cute is little Carter watching the ball with Vann?!
Watching his second ball go down
Vann and I
Love that boy!
Paige and I
After Chayce got some food in his belly he started to enjoy bowling a bit more...he would toss his ball down the lane and then run to the side to watch it hopefully hit some pins down.
Not a great pic, but you can kinda see Little Chayce down there watching his ball...
Dad helping Chayce bowl
Running down to see how many pins he knocked down
Another not so good pic...they were so far away that my flash didn't help at all...but you can see a bit better how they put us on of the end lane which worked out great cuz the kids all loved running up and down the side and they got to watch the ball hit the pins close up.  
Vann checking out the ball return
Chayce bowling...
Turned my flash off...Chayce and cute are they?!
Vann, Chayce and I playing Ms. Pac-Man

Overall, a very fun time!  

After bowling we took the kids home, bathed them and put them in bed.  Then I headed back out to hang with some of the girls at Sam's house.  We chit-chatted, laughed a lot, ate some brownies and drank some was a good time!  

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