Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yep, you read that right, it's my birthday!  The big 3-4...I sure don't 'feel' 34.  I used to think anyone in they're 30's was old...not any more.  I know I'm not old.  Sure, I may have a few wrinkles laugh lines here and there, but old...nah!  

So, you know how I wrote those posts about the boys' birthdays and how I remember the days they were born so clearly...well, I talked to my mom for a little bit today and she was telling me how that doesn't ever change.  She remembers the day I was born like it was yesterday too!  Even though that day was 34 years ago.  So, I heard my birth story today...so fun to listen to!  Love ya Mom!

I had a pretty good day.  Got to spend it with two of my most favorite people on the planet...you guessed it...Vann and Chayce.  Chayce told me he would make me a special birthday cake...a Luke cake...as in Luke Skywalker...so cute!  Surprisingly, I did not bake myself a cake.  I'm done with cakes for a little bit.  I need to start getting my cookie skills up and running.  Cookies and I are not friends.  Really...can't bake them well for the life of me.  Well, that was until I got a Silipat.  This great little invention has helped me with my baking tremendously.  I'm anxious to see how it helps with all of my holiday baking.  

Chris actually got me something for my birthday to help with my baking...are you ready...an apron!  I've been saying that I need an apron for forever now.  And for those of you who know Chris, know this is big for him...he actually went to the store and picked it out.  And to top it off, he hung a hook inside our pantry door so, I not only have an apron, but I have a place to hang it!  Love my Christopher!  

Well, I'm off to try and watch the movie I picked up at Blockbuster tonight.  Hope you all had a great day!  



    Wow!!! Go Chris!!! Not only did he listen, he executed and got you something you actually wanted. What a guy!!!! And a hook to boot...man, what a guy!

    I am willing...as tough as it will be...to help taste test your cookies....for chewy or crispiness as well. Might as well be an honest friend, right?


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